Overwhelm. 25 potential markets and 1.000 potential B2B partners worldwide – which ones should we start with?

Chaos. Multitasking among hundreds of tasks and customers will eventually burn you out. How to organize the sales process in effective and stress-free way?

Miscommunication. Cultural differences often lead to dead-end even between the best matching suppliers and customers.

Procrastination. How often do we postpone the important call to desired B2B customer and instead just keep-up with routine tasks?

Fear. How not to fail approaching the CEO of 10.000 head-count company?

Our experience serving over 100 export-oriented customers during the last 6 years lets us easily identify what the main struggles in B2B sales are, especially while approaching foreign markets.

We provide one-off seminars and full educational cycles to companies, export agencies & organizations:
– One-off 1-2 hours lectures by our experts.
– 1-2 days eductional events, conducted by both our and external experts.
– 3-4 months educational cycles, conducted by both our and external experts.


Selection of the right markets

Market entrance strategy and action plan

Practical principles of Sales Funnel and CRM

Ways of active sales – from exhibitions to direct approach

Practical aspects of approaching the decision makers (cold calling/e-mailing)

KPIs and motivational systems for Sales Personnel