“It was a pure pleasure to work with FORIS CONSULTA. It is a team of true professionals – they have listened to our needs, advised on the optimal solution, performed the required task, and prepared an exhaustive presentation on it. FORIS CONSULTA has helped us to gain a stronger foothold within the USA market.”
Tomas Jankauskas, Deputy CEO at UAB “ALTECHNA”
“FORIS CONSULTA maintains an exhaustive database of the potential business partners; they can also organize the search and look up these potential partners for you. Their company is experienced in utilizing various databases, finding the required information, grouping it, and presenting you the comprehensible results. By combing through the information FORIS CONULTA analyzes the specifics of your business in a timely fashion and continues to successfully work towards the concrete and individual goals of your company. FORIS CONULTA also initiates the successful first contacts between the potential partner companies – it is the basis of the beginning of any partnership. In our case these partners were three new clients in Germany; we are successfully working with the aforementioned clients to this very day.”
Algirdas Žiukas, CEO at UAB “APIPRODUKTAI”
“Our company greatly values the co-operation with FORIS CONSULTA, as they are fast, flexible, communicable and complete every project they commit themselves to. Last but not least, they are working in accordance to the very clear and concrete system. Because of these reasons, we have decided to continue our co-operation with FORIS CONSULTA.”
Marek Gaidukevič, CEO of UAB “Electronic House”
“I would like to thank FORIS CONULTA in the name of entire “Kalvis” company for the services they have provided; these high-quality services were provided to us in a professional and timely manner. I can recommend FORIS CONSULTA as a reliable partner for finding new clients in various markets.”
Andrius Daujotas, Head of Sales at UAB „Kalvis“
“FORIS CONULTA is a very professional company with a perfect understanding of the field they are working in. The guys from FORIS CONSULTA have some borderline magical abilities to penetrate the barriers distinguishing from responsible employees and reach the seemingly unreachable potential clients. They have great organizational skills for organizing trips and business meetings. The high level of professionalism is demonstrated by their level of communicability: even after the completion of the project we often receive phone calls from FORIS CONSULTA; they are calling simply to inquire about how we are doing or if they can help us with anything else. Such attention is definitely pleasant. If you are undecided between a few different companies that offer the same services, I must absolutely recommend you this one.”
Rosvaldas Bočiulis, CEO at UAB “Slavita”

FORIS CONSULTA – situated in Vilnius (Lithuania), but a globally operating company that specializes in consultancy of export management.

We work with competitive manufacturers and service providers that want to enter or expand into foreign markets, assisting them in these areas:

  • Search of Export Partners
  • Export Market Research
  • Administration and preparation of EU Financial Aid Projects

We feel at home in Scandinavia, Western Europe, North America and Japan, although we also cover the markets of Central Europe and Balkans. More about the Export Markets

Our experience is gathered by working with clients in sectors of lasers, IT, electronics, metal and wood treatment, furniture, textile and clothing, chemistry and plastics, medicine, printing, energy and other.

Key European market knowledge, experience in various sectors, eagerness to learn and work in new industries – it is all about us.

We love what we do and we are excited to work with you!

More about export markets


Having 20 years of experience in the consultation field and being a certified CMC specialist (as well as having a PhD in Economics) Jonas is constantly helping his colleagues to reach higher goals and assures that the team is moving forward while taking strategical decisions and assuring company’s growth.

Experience: Jostra (Consulting)

Education: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Economics), Vilnius University (Mathematics)



A project manager that has lead multiple Export Partners Search, Market Analysis and European Union projects towards sales or financial beneficiary. Vladas is the man to whom You can completely entrust the potential clients of Your company, as it is his determination that reaches every person of interest and conquers the market you want.

Experience: Maxima (Retail), Kalvis (Manufacturing)

Education: Kaunas University of Technology (Economics), University of Bologna (Economics)


+370 606 23673 | vladas@foris.lt

If you have entrusted us with a Search of Export Partners or a Market Analysis – there is a very good chance that you are communicating in particularly with Darius. A possibility is just as large that he will bring you together with a long wanted foreign partner. His ability to over-fulfill one’s expectations as well as his positive demeanor is what makes the clients come back.

Experience: PwC (Consulting), DreamHouse (Wooden Houses Export)

Education: Kaunas University of Technology (Economics), Izmir University of Economics (Economics)


+370 656 25469 | darius@foris.lt

It is unlikely to find a person who would manage to successfully fill 24 hours with more activities than Erika. The communicative colleague of ours does not only easily solve the export development puzzles of our clients, but is also one of the leaders of “The White Gloves” non-governmental organization,  as well as a true enthusiast of healthy eating.

Experience: Lithuanian Parliament,  The White Gloves (Non-Governmental Organization)

Education: Vilnius University (Political Science), University of Bergen (Political Science)


+370 642 48817 | erika@foris.lt



We reach for openness, close connections and cooperation that allow us not only to achieve our results but also to enjoy every day of our work.


Our colleagues continuously create an upbeat environment that brings out our creativity and fun in the workplace, therefore, even in the most difficult situations we are full of enthusiasm.


We do not move on before we reach our results and we welcome each challenging task with bold actions.


We see the world as a one big playground. It is where we are constantly planting roots for new connections, where we forget cultural barriers and we welcome the differences we see along the way as an opportunity of growth and improvement.