86% of our written EU applications were funded


100% of our written export development EU applications were funded

We write and administrate EU projects that are dedicated to the expansion of your business and stimulation of exports.

Before initiating the work, we evaluate how likely is our client‘s application to succeed. Each application is fought for till the final moment and we take care of the client till the very last report.

Statistically we win nearly 9 out of 10 EU funding projects. The rate is 10 out of 10  of those dedicated for export stimulation (funding for exhibitions, export consultancy, export certificates).

We inform You that the period of 2014 – 2020 might be the last period of unreturnable business grants allocation in Lithuania.


Selection of the most suitable funding programme for your idea

Writting of the application and related documents

Submission of the project for evaluation

Thorough assistance in fullfilment of the project

Administration of the project: submission of reports and payment requests

Representation of the company while maintaining communication with the funding institutions